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JUST Released: JAGS Holiday City

We are proud to announce the release of JAGS Holiday City (and the GM's book with all the secrets). This is a game-world with some added rules:

1. Random Super-Power Generation. If you want weird characters? This is how you do it (note: the player still has a lot of control over how they construct their powers--but it adds a random factor!)

2. Some power-re-writes and extra powers (we altered how Psionic attacks work somewhat).

3. Approximately 100 characters with stats, background, personalities, and so on. Holiday City is a vibrant place full of intrigue, secrets, and super-powered personalities.

The Players book contains the world background, maps of Holiday City, and the "Hero Wiki" entry for all the characters that are publicly known. The GM's book contains the secrets and the stats (so the players can read up on the characters they'd know about without divulging stats or secrets they'd rather discover during play).

The links to the gorgeous print versions will be along shortly.

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