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Hitting The Club (Literally)

Molotok and Roid Rage Go Clubbling

When we started working on characters we had a few of them that we knew we wanted to include (some developed over decades of gaming--playing other games such as Champions and GURPS Supers--as well as Villains & Vigilantes) and a bunch that came from our play-tests--but we also knew we'd need others to round out the various game types and power-levels. Our first pass just did a bunch of characters by power-level (and that's still a primary separation) but we realized after a bit of doing draft write-ups that the characters were kind of self-organizing into categories. This one is what we're calling "street level"--characters who are technically CAT-1 or CAT-2 (out of 5 categories, each one topping out at double the points of the last one ). But we also had the society-types, the official super-team (which is very, very ineffective), operators, and so on. One category that came out that surprised me was the Psychics Club (name not final)--a group of 3 or 4 characters who are low powered but basically work around the edges as psychics--either for hire or for their own purposes. They aren't exactly the ultra-gritty, ultra-violent street-scene and they generally aren't high society. The fact that our characters are efficiently "slotting" into these groups suggests to me that we're doing something right.

(This art was done by me using Character Creator 3, Daz 3d assets, and Blender + some filters)

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