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JAGS Supers Street Characters

We have a bunch of "street level" characters--ranging from the semi-good guys to the really vile. They wouldn't actually all hold still for a picture ... but, hey.

The artwork is done by me. I'm no artist--this is 3d modeling +filters (Character Creator 3, Blender, GIMP, etc.). The fact that it looks . . . decent . . . is amazing to me. From left to right:

Asp(ersions) - nasty, acrobatic, throws venomous snakes!

Star Tiger - Chi Martial Arts

Molotok - Russian cyborg with a cyber arm.

Mim - Rogue android. Sabotage and assassination

Butterball - Mutant. Big, fat, sticky.

Tool & Die - Operational dyad. Tool uses a hammer. Die a shotgun. Both are high on a drug that gives them super physiques. Their shirts say Bro-Hoes Gym: Do You Even Lift

Snarl - Mutated rat-man.

Blackmail - History student who decided to use his knowledge to fight "the system"

NyeKunDu - The woman in red (it means Red in Swahili). The daughter of a powerful family sent to the states to get away from assassins. She is trained in a mathematically "perfect" combat art and plans to use it.

Billy-The-Kid - Gunslinger. Plans to be the best / only gunslinger in Holiday City

Bad News - Metal skinned heavy-weight. Does "collections" for the mob.

Brutalist - A martial artist who believes brutality is the only True Way. Plans to annihilate every other school that doesn't agree with him / submit to him.

Heavy Caesar - Giant--overwide smile. Rumors that he eats people. Oh--blue skin.

Fire Eater - skinny, nasty, acrobatic. Has heated gills and breathes fire. Carries a "torch"

Emerald - Winged fighter with armored, energetic and incredibly powerful wings.

There's more to come ...

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