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Operational Dyads

One of the character sets we're doing is called "Operational Dyads." In the Street-characters, Tool & Die are one such example. Above is Null & Void--body guards and assassins for one of the crime-lords. See if you can figure out the others.

These are two brothers who were special forces in the Army. They were killed in the test of a prototype weapon in the Afghanistan theater. One can fire extremely destructive blasts of energy from his hands, laying waste to wide areas. The other can see through buildings, detect enemies or targets at a distance. They are considered extremely dangerous.

One guy looks pretty normal . . . until he turns into a massive demonic entity. The other person--his friend, a woman, is capable of deforming her body--stretching--and has some skills in diplomacy, negotiation, and getting you what you want. They work as enforcers. One comes in and gives you the carrot--shows you a good time--makes you an offer--leaves you feeling all right. But if you don't do whatever the syndicate wants you to? You get to meet the other guy.

Two newly evidenced Luminaries (supers)--both in high school. One got powers like a vampire--well, sort of. She can float, she's pretty strong and resilient. She has the teeth--if she bites you--even if it's just a nip, she can exercise control over your mind! The other has object and people reading: if she touches you, she can tell your secrets--your vices. They're getting into some trouble.

Twins. One of them went into science, using advanced, previously unproven science to build a battle-suit to use to protect the populace. The other trains incredibly hard, over and over with the martial arts.

Friends--just out of school One is a rebel--a complainer--she is able to generate sonic waves of force. She's fighting the power--although she might not have a real clear idea on who "the power" is. The other one was invested with a she-wolf spirit. Although one was a hell raiser and the other was very, what some people derisively called, "basic," she is now in tune with the spiritual wolf--and there are things that need . . . doing.


1. Search & Destroy

2. Business & Pleasure

3. Kiss & Tell

4. Theory & Practice

5. Bitch & Moan

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