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In The Hall of the Mountain King

The Syndicate meeting room with several of their crime bosses including three Luminaries (Mr. Green at the head of the table, Red Anthony with his cyber arm, at the foot, and a telepathic fedora in the middle). Looming over them is the Category-5 boss of Holiday City: Hecatomb.

JAGS Holiday City is basically a "villains" book and a world-book. The rules are (mostly) contained in the basic rules and the Archetypes book. This means we have a LOT of characters. For example . . .

Mr. Green--one of the Syndicate Underbosses. He has a tail with a very sharp blade. It's super fast and deadly.

This is Red Anthony. Extra brutal.

Chicago Fire--Luminary arsonist and pyromaniac. -- and a bunch more. That's why I'm trying to do as much of the art as I can.

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