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Super Hero Test

It's probably a good time to admit we really don't know what books "we're doing next." The process involves playtesting stuff we're interested in, looking at the rules and revisions--and then casting about for "what would make a playable game world/book."

It's kinda more art-than-science.

We did a bunch of work on JAGS Space--but, after some conversations, it came out that one of the people involved really wanted to do JAGS Supers. We'd run a game--a long running successful playtest during Archetype creation and we felt we had "things to say" about superhero RPGs.

I'll probably go into that in another post--but, suffice it to say that when the person decided to do it--and had a bunch of characters, I started working on what we'd need to actually put the books together. Art, what chapters, new game rules. As I'd had a lot of fun trying my hand at ship-design for JAGS Space (which we'll still do--but we need to work some stuff out), I decided to try my hand at superheroes with 3d software.

Above is "Athena" and below is "Rock Bottom" (formerly known as Hard-Ass before they made him pick a more family friendly name!).

What's the graffiti on his chest say?

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