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The Preserver of Life

Part of working on JAGS Space means getting the collateral right. In this case, part of the origin is that a massive spaceship, called The Preserver of Life, was launched from humanity's home-world towards the constellation Vela. It performed pretty well, as a generations ship (the crew was mostly in cold-sleep--but would be awakened around 100 years out).

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, the crew, over the time of their awakening, became upset with the proposed order and staged a mutiny / revolt against the Empire Server that was controlling technology and, in return for hyper-advanced technology imposed some rules on how far human culture and biological manipulation could stray.

The rebellion damaged the Empire Server and by the time the Preserver of Life reached the target star clusters, Humanity had splintered into warring forces, bringing on something of a new "dark age."

The ship I created in Blender (and am still working on it--it's not nearly done).

The background was created by a procedural space-background generator.

The planet and moon were created by a procedural planet / moon generator.

Would I use this illustration in the book? Not as it currently is, no--the lighting is wrong, the colors are probably wrong--and we might want a more "hard-light," less colorful look (also, in the long-dark transit the Preserver of Life didn't generally encounter other star-systems / planets. Most of it was in hard-science deep-space void).

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