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Coming Soon: JAGS Have-Not

We are on the cusp of release of the revised JAGS Have-Not. This over-the-top post-apocalypse comes in three beautiful volumes.

JAGS Have-Not Vol 1: The World. This details what came before, what happened, and where you are now. It's a guide to the Badlands, The Waste Lands, The Toxic Zone, The Deep Desert, and More.

JAGS Have-Not Vol 2: Adventures and Installations. This volume tells you how to build Have-Not adventures and construct the dangerous, mysterious installations that the adventurers will explore!

JAGS Have-Not Vol 3: Artifacts and Monsters. This volume gives lists of tons of treasure, weapons, and devices that came from before. It also has scores of wild mutants, bio-weapons, and monsters or robots that inhabit this wild and bizarre world of JAGS Have-Not!

We hope to have the books available in gorgeous hard-cover and the PDFs availiable for free by March 1 of 2019!

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