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JAGS Wonderland -- Revised

JAGS Wonderland 2.0

It's not news to us that JAGS Wonderland is the best received book we've ever produced--it's far more popular than the game system (as everyone reminds us over and over and over). It's also, judging from feedback, one of the harder games to run: We get asked "what to do with it" pretty often.

Right now I'm deep in re-publishing JAGS Have-Not, our over-the-top post-apocalypse world-book--but we ARE going to do things with Wonderland. What things?

1. We are going to re-publish the core books and provide print (and full-color) editions. This will involve upgrading the Twists to the new rules (as well as a bit of a refresh of the Magic system).

2. We have plans for the "Wonderland Home Companion" which would be new twists, new monsters, and so on--along with a lot of advice on running games. But we're not sure that's the best use of our Wonderland energy. That might be:

3. The Wonderland Almanac -- the idea for this is a quarterly publication which includes adventures, even more twists, advice, and so on.

We also want to "update" JAGS Wonderland. It came out in 2006 and while the shifts haven't been extreme since then, consider that MySpace was big that year (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube were all yet to be forces). There weren't smart phones. Conspiracy theories were quaint--we didn't have Jade Helm '15 and mysterious "Tunnels under Walmart."

So we want to look at some new conspiracies and new insanity (the last two--and coming thrid--presidential elections seem to qualify for something).

We also think that whatever we do, there's probably a kick-starter in there. So let us know.

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